Dielectric Analysis Handbook

Lambient Technologies has released The Handbook of Dielectric Analysis and Cure Monitoring, which has over 150 pages of valuable information for both new and experienced users of dielectric measurements. The handbook covers basic thermoset behavior, dielectric theory and the electrical modeling of polymers. Chapters are filled with data and examples from the testing of sheet molding/bulk molding compound (SMC/BMC), carbon fiber reinforced prepreg (CFRP) and other materials used in the composites industry. The handbook also includes practical advice about dielectric/conductivity sensors, cabling and noise reduction methods.

Table of contents for The Handbook of Dielectric Analysis and Cure Monitoring:
Terms and Definitions
Chapter 1—Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 2—Basics of Thermoset Cure and Dielectric Measurements
Chapter 3—Linear vs. Logarithmic Scales: Seeing All the information
Chapter 4—Dielectric Measurements, Viscosity and Critical Points
Chapter 5—Loss Factor and Ion Viscosity
Chapter 6—Ion Viscosity and Temperature
Chapter 7—Sensors, A/D Ratio and Base Capacitance
Chapter 8—Sample Preparation for Dielectric Measurements
Chapter 9—Cure Monitoring of SMC/BMC
Chapter 10—Cure Monitoring of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Prepreg (CFRP)
Chapter 11—Measuring Degree of Cure with DEA
Chapter 12—Dielectric Measurements During Post-Cure
Chapter 13—Dielectric Measurement Techniques
Chapter 14—Parallel Plate Measurements
Chapter 15—Calculating A/D Ratio and Base Capacitance
Chapter 16—Electrode Polarization and Boundary Layer effects
Chapter 17—Electrical Modeling of Polymers
Chapter 18—Using Ion Viscosity for Cure Monitoring
Chapter 19—Dielectric Cure Monitoring in Process Development and Manufacturing
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