Varicon Dielectric/Conductivity Sensor

varicon sensor

Figure 1.
Varicon Dielectric/Conductivity Sensor


The Varicon sensor is designed for use in presses, molds, bulk materials or laminates where a thin, flexible dielectric sensor is necessary. The Varicon sensor is thin enough to be implanted within a sample or between the plies of a laminate and may be discarded after use. Patterned on a polyimide substrate, the electrode array is designed to allow a choice of three sensitivities, which are selected by cutting off portions of the array at designated lines.

The Varicon sensor is 15” (38 cm) long and only 0.004” (100 um) thick. The gold-plated electrodes have 0.004” (100 um) widths and spaces, and measures dielectric/conductive properties within approximately 0.004” (100 um) of the electrode surface.

The Varicon sensor is suitable for high pressure, high temperature applications, and is ideal for measuring the dielectric properties and cure state of epoxies, bulk molding compound (BMC), sheet molding compound (SMC), silicones, thermosets, urethanes, RIM and composite materials.


Length, overall : 15” (38 cm)
Width, sensor head : 0.75” (1.9 cm)
Thickness : 0.004” (100 um)
Width, electrode : 0.004” (100 um)
Spacing, electrode : 0.004” (100 mm)

Substrate : Polyimide
Electrodes : Copper with gold or bright tin flash.

Temperature, maximum : 375 Degrees C (700 Degrees F)
Frequency, mid-con mode : 0.1 Hz – 100 KHz
Frequency, high-con mode : 0.001 Hz – 100 KHz

Sensor Parameters:
Configuration M (max sensitivity) A/D Ratio: 160cm - Base Cap: ~48 pF
Configuration A (mid sensitivity) A/D Ratio: 80cm - Base Cap: ~25 pF
Configuration B (low sensitivity) A/D Ratio: 8cm - Base Cap: ~3 pF