add dsc to your thermal analysis toolkit

The analysis of polymers is one of the main applications of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) solutions. DSC provides complementary data to DEA, but many DSC solutions are prohibitively expensive. Lambient Technologies has partnered with LINSEIS Corp. to offer the industry’s first low-cost DSC/DEA package.

Lambient Technologies has partnered with LINSEIS Corporation to offer LINSEIS’ Chip-DSC 1 and Chip-DSC 10 instruments, which can be purchased on their own, or bundled with any of Lambient Technologies’ DEA instruments at special reduced pricing.

LINSEIS’ Chip-DSC instruments integrate all essential parts of DSC: furnace, sensor and electronics in a miniaturized housing. The chip arrangement comprises the heater and temperature sensor in a chemically inert ceramic arrangement with metallic heater and temperature sensor. The integrated design of the chip-sensor delivers superior raw data, which enables a direct analysis without pre- or post-processing of heat flow data.

Combined with instruments from Lambient Technologies, it is possible to correlate dielectric analysis of cure state with thermal analysis from DSC. Because dielectric analysis is the only method of real-time cure monitoring in molds, presses, autoclaves and other production environments, this cost-efficient pairing brings DSC insights from the lab to manufacturing.

The full system provides the industry’s only complete, integrated, affordable solution for dielectric analysis and DSC. It is ideal for use in laboratory, quality control, or manufacturing applications.  

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