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one-stop dea and uv curing

For the first time, users can simultaneously cure fast-reacting light-cured materials, and gather critical data on cure with dielectric cure monitoring. A bundled offering from Lambient Technologies and Uvitron International offers the industry’s only one-stop solution for UV cure and dielectric analysis.

Lambient Technologies has partnered with Uvitron International, Inc., the leading solutions provider of light curing systems and accessories, to deliver a comprehensive UV curing and cure monitoring system. The bundled offering of Lambient Technologies’ LTF-631 High Speed Dielectric Cure Monitor and Uvitron’s Sunspot 2 High Power Compact Spot Curing System, available at special reduced pricing, is ideal for manufacturers of optical adhesives and other UV-cured inks, adhesives, and coatings. It offers the industry’s only comprehensive solution for curing of fast-reacting UV-cured materials and analysis of cure data with dielectric cure monitoring (DEA).

The LTF-631 is optimized for the study of rapidly-reacting materials in research and development, quality assurance/quality control, and production applications involving thermoset materials. As the only method that can measure cure state in real time under actual process conditions, DEA lets users apply laboratory results directly to manufacturing processes. With the LTF-631, users working with rapidly-curing materials such as dental adhesives, UV-cured films, and sheet molding compound can obtain detailed data about cure that no other method can offer.

Uvitron International’s Sunspot 2 is a compact, easy to use system featuring a long-life UV/visible arc lamp and filtered input long-life light guide. The Sunspot 2 also features easy to use exposure time controls and foot pedal activation. The system weighs a mere 6 pounds, and its 10.5 x 8.6 x 4-inch size is the smallest in its class. It also features a 200W lamp that delivers the highest intensity in the industry. (To learn more about Uvitron International and its full line of light curing systems and accessories, visit the Uvitron International website, email them at, or call 413-731-7835.)  

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