LTP-250 Bench top microPress

Test labs and university researchers need reliable, robust solutions for applying heat and pressure to samples. But standard industrial presses are too powerful and costly, and can take up too much space. Organizations responsible for small parts molding applications and composite materials development and testing need press solutions optimized for their specific materials and testing environments.

LTP-250 MicroPress

LTP-250 MicroPress

Lambient’s LTP-250 MicroPress is a miniature, benchtop pneumatic press for general use in applying heat and pressure to materials. It operates with or without a dual temperature controller for independent control of the upper and lower platens. With a temperature range of ambient to 350 degrees Celcius, a maximum applied force of 1,500 pounds (680 kg), and a standard 3” by 3” platen with customization option, the LTP-250 MicroPress is ideal for:

  • End-users of carbon fiber composites, sheet molding compound, bulk molding compound and epoxy molding compound
  • Manufacturers of laminates, aerospace components, and automotive components
  • Developers and testers of new composite materials
  • University materials research labs
  • Independent testing labs
  • Thermoset and thermoplastics developers

LTT-203A/B temperature controllerS

The LTT-203A single channel and LTT-203B dual channel benchtop temperature controllers are compact, simple solutions for controlling the temperature of ovens, hot plates, kilns or other heating devices. They require no set-up or assembly; accept numerous types of thermocouples; and have built-in 25-amp solid-state relays and standard IEC output sockets.